Turn on Remote Web Access

Published: April 26, 2010

Updated: March 30, 2011

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

Remote Web Access is not turned on by default. When you run the Turn on Remote Web Access wizard, the wizard attempts to set up your router and Internet connectivity. After Remote Web Access is turned on, you can set up a domain name for your server and customize Remote Web Access. To turn on Remote Web Access, you can access the Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard from a home computer that is connected to the server. You must install the Connector Software on the home computer to access the Dashboard. To information about installing the Connector Software, see How do I connect computers to the server?

To turn on Remote Web Access

  1. On a home computer that is connected to Windows Home Server 2011, open the Dashboard.

  2. Click General Settings, and then click the Remote Web Access tab.

  3. Click Turn on, and then complete in the wizard.

For information about how to use Remote Web Access, see Use Remote Web Access. For information about managing Remote Web Access, see Manage Remote Web Access.