Manage MultiPoint Server Desktops

This section discusses managing the desktops that make up the MultiPoint Server system. Managing a MultiPoint Server system includes both managing the hardware and software components of MultiPoint Manager, and managing more general issues such as network or Internet connectivity. In a MultiPoint Server system, a desktop is the software user interface presented on the monitor for each user station.

Desktop status

You can view the following types of status for each desktop on the Desktops tab. Status includes:

  • Users who are logged on

  • Users who have disconnected their session, but are still logged on

  • Which stations are being used and by whom

For more information about viewing desktop status, see the View MultiPoint Server Connection Status topic.

Different ways to log standard users off of the MultiPoint Server system

As an administrative user, you can log off Windows at any time, which will have no effect on active users in your MultiPoint Server system. Standard users can disconnect their session or log off the MultiPoint Server system too. If a user is leaving for the day, the user should save their work on the computer or external storage device so that when you shut down the MultiPoint Server system at the end of the day, the user can retrieve his or her saved work another day.

As an administrative user, you might need to end a standard user’s session for them, rather than the user logging off. You can end a standard user’s session in one of two ways:

  • End the session and log the user off. For more information about ending a user’s session, see the End a MultiPoint Server User Session topic.

  • Disconnect the user to temporarily end the user’s session, but keep the session active in the MultiPoint Server system’s computer memory. The disconnected user can then reconnect to the suspended session from the same station or a different station and continue their work. For more information about disconnecting a user’s session, see the Disconnect Active MultiPoint Server User Sesstion topic.

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