Manage MultiPoint Server User Accounts

This section describes the different types of user accounts, how to create user accounts, and how to manage user accounts. In a MultiPoint Server system, there are two types of user accounts, standard user accounts and administrative user accounts, as described below.

The MultiPoint Server User Account Considerations topic provides guidelines that you should consider as you create and manage user accounts.

Standard user accounts

Create standard user accounts for those users, such as students, who will regularly access stations, but who will not manage stations. These user accounts display with the term standard on the User tab, in the Account Type column. Users with standard user accounts can, for example, save files and change desktop settings, but cannot change the screen resolution. Any desktop changes the user makes are present when the user logs on again. For information about how to create a standard user account, see the Create a Standard MultiPoint Server User Account topic.

Administrative user accounts

Create administrative user accounts for those individuals who will manage the MultiPoint Server system. Administrative user accounts are displayed with the term administrator on the Users tab, in the Account Type column. Administrative users have access to all MultiPoint Manager tasks that change desktop and system settings, and they have access to all other Windows tasks on the computer that require administrative access. The following administrative tasks can be performed by using MultiPoint Manager:

  • Creating accounts

  • Adding and removing programs

  • Managing desktops and hardware

  • Ending or disconnecting other user sessions

For more information about how to create administrative user accounts, see the Create a MultiPoint Server Administrative User Account topic.

For more information about ending and disconnecting user sessions, see the Log-off or Disconnect User Sessions topic.

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