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From the Editor Live from Tech•Ed
Joshua Hoffman

It's always a little tricky when I sit down to write the Editor's Note every month. Coming up with a topic isn't generally that hard, as there are always plenty of interesting things to talk about. No, the catch is that the Editor's Note needs to be written about six weeks before almost anyone will read it (partly so we have time to get the magazine printed, but mainly so that the copyeditors here have plenty of time to fix all of my mistakes). Unlike blogging, which can be completely reactive to the moment, it's hard to write about "news" in this setting because by the time you read it, it won't be news anymore.
Yet here I am at Tech•Ed 2008, in "sunny" Orlando, and it's really the most important thing going on right now in our techie little world. So while this may be a little dated by the time you read it … well … tough.
Tech•Ed is an exciting event for us for a number of reasons. For one thing, it's one of the only times of the year that we get to see so many of our readers (and even our authors) in person! We have the pleasure of e-mail, IM, and phone calls all year long, but nothing compares to the swell of ideas and interesting conversations that grow out of the congregation of so many people.
Tech•Ed is also a great time to get a look ahead at the coming year. The executives will be here addressing the big-picture strategy, which is certainly informative. We'll hear a lot about new directions in virtualization, the next generation of the Web, revolutionary concepts in systems management, and other things.
However, it's the nitty-gritty stuff that I'm here for. Mark Russinovich, a technical fellow at Microsoft and a contributing editor, will talk about the redefinition of security boundaries. Steve Riley, another contributing editor, will talk about the disappearance of network boundaries altogether—a particularly exciting and innovative concept! And Mark Minasi, Romi Mahajan, Dharmesh Godha, and I will do a panel discussion about the consumerization of IT.
I'll also be speaking about how to get started if you want to write for TechNet Magazine, a presentation I have enjoyed giving for the past few years and one which has inspired quite a few first-time authors. By the time you read this, the slides from my talk will be posted on our blog at, so feel free to take a look. Who knows? Maybe you'll attend Tech•Ed next year as one of our authors!
Oh, and let's not forget about the Tech•Ed parties. We love the parties, too.
—Joshua Hoffman

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