EnumerateRoots Method
ISearchCrawlScopeManager::EnumerateRoots Method

Returns an enumeration of all the roots of which this instance of the ISearchCrawlScopeManager is aware.


HRESULT EnumerateRoots(      
    IEnumSearchRoots **ppSearchRoots );


[out, retval]  Returns a pointer to an IEnumSearchRoots interface.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, S_FALSE if there are no roots to enumerate, or an error value otherwise.


ppSearchRoots is set to NULL if there are no roots to enumerate.

Windows 7 and later: the CrawlScopeCommandLine code sample, available on Code Gallery and the Windows 7 SDK, demonstrates how to define command line options for Crawl Scope Manager (CSM) indexing operations.

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