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  • Office Communications Server: Securing OCS with ISA Server
    Alan Maddison - March 2009
    To securely extend your OCS 2007 infrastructure to remote users and organizations, you need to deploy one or more Edge Servers and provide reverse proxy access to these servers. Here’s what you need to know to use and configure ISA Server 2006 as a reverse proxy for your OCS deployment.

  • Security Watch: Malware Inspection at the Perimeter
    Yuri Diogenes, Mohit Saxena, and Jim Harrison - February 2009
    Learn how to use the Malware Inspection feature of the Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway to mitigate threats at your perimeter.

  • ISA Server: A Guide to Securing ISA Server 2006
    Alan Maddison - September 2008
    Many organizations rely on ISA Server 2006 to secure their environment, but few take the important step of securing ISA Server itself. Here’s a guide to using the Security Configuration Wizard and Administrative roles to limit its attack surface and secure your ISA Server 2006 implementation.

  • ISA Server: Enhance TS Gateway Security with ISA Server 2006
    Dr. Thomas W. Shinder and Yuri Diogenes - September 2008
    Using the new TS Gateway feature, Windows Server 2008 enables users to access their desktops from anywhere, without using a VPN. Find out how you can publish the TS Gateway through ISA Server 2006 and extend the ISA Server 2006 publishing scenario to include client health enforcement.

  • Networking: Configure VPN Remote Access with ISA Server 2006
    Alan Maddison - November 2007
    A virtual private network can provide improved connectivity and increased productivity—and it doesn't need to be difficult to implement and manage. Find out how you can use ISA Server 2006 to address two common VPN scenarios.

  • Communications: Log onto Outlook Web Access with Smart Cards
    Victor Akinnagbe, Ted Dressel, and Jason Opdycke - July 2007
    One of the most vulnerable links in the security chain has to do with weak, easily compromised passwords. Learn how you can improve e-mail security by implementing two-factor smart card authentication for your mobile users.

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