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TechNet Magazine: October 2013

Training day Editor’s note: Training day

By  Lafe Low

Training budgets are often among the first to get cuts when the budget shortfall ax comes out. Companies need to recognize how shortsighted that is—especially with the continued feverish pace of technology change.

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Featured Articles

Cloud Computing: Manage your resources

Cloud Computing: Manage your resources
By Dan Marinescu
Resource management for an inherently complex system such as cloud computing requires different ways of measuring and allocating resources.


Windows 7: Advanced disk and file management

Windows 7: Advanced disk and file management
By Jorge Orchilles
Windows 7 has some advanced file and disk management tools and techniques, including virtual hard disks, links, disk quotas and Windows ReadyBoost.


Windows 8: Protect your files

Windows 8: Protect your files
By Bohdan Raciborski
File history gives you advanced backup features without requiring admin privileges.


Security: Train for security

Security: Train for security
By John Vacca
It’s not enough to have the latest anti-virus software or firewall. To ensure a secure infrastructure, you must also focus on educating your staff.


SharePoint 2010: SharePoint security planningSharePoint 2010: Effective information delivery

SharePoint 2010: SharePoint security planning
By Steve Wright, and Corey Erkes
You have to carefully examine your SharePoint structure and spend some time planning to come up with the most effective security posture.




Windows Confidential:
The mystery key

By Raymond Chen

Some settings are never meant to be changed or manipulated. When you find one of those, just leave it alone.