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TechNet Magazine: July 2011

Editor's Note:  Deploy and Deliver Editor's Note: Deploy and Deliver

By  Lafe Low

Despite the simplicity and straightforward approach Windows 7 brings to enterprise OSes, you still have some homework to do before deploying it throughout your organization. The job is made easier with a handful of tools to smooth the compatibility testing and deploying process, which can greatly accelerate your Windows 7 deployment, whether you’re working on 10 systems or 10,000. Read more…

Featured Articles

Joshua Hoffman

SQL Azure: Securing SQL Azure
By Joshua Hoffman
Security is just as essential to hosted solutions, although the tools and tactics are certainly different.


Welly Lee

SQL Server: Manage the Migration
By Welly Lee
Migrating massive databases can never be called an easy task, but Microsoft has a tool available that can help ease the way and ensure that you’re ready.


Romi Mahajan

IT Career Development:‘Gameization’ Creates IT Opportunities
By Romi Mahajan
Considering the metaphor of gaming with respect to IT career development can help you maximize your opportunities.


John Policelli

Lync Server 2010: Archiving Essentials
By John Policelli
The need to properly and securely archive content has risen greatly over the last few years with compliance issues. Microsoft Lync Server 2010 can help.


JFisnik Hasani

Windows 7: The PerfMon System and Security Test
By Fisnik Hasani
While you may get an erroneous warning message regarding the absence of an antivirus solution, you can adjust PerfMon to report accurately.


Joshua Hoffman

Microsoft Windows 7: Top Tools for Deploying Windows 7
By Joshua Hoffman
There are several helpful toolkits that can ease the deployment process for Windows 7, whether for physical or virtual machines.


Jorge Orchilles

Windows 7: Migration Magic
By Jorge Orchilles
There are several tools and techniques that can help you smoothly migrate users, files and settings over to Windows 7.


Kristin Griffin

Windows Server 2008 R2: Remote Desktop Services - An Owner’s Manual
By Kristin Griffin
Using Remote Desktop Services with Windows Server 2008 R2 opens a whole range of deployment scenarios using the new server roles and other features.


John Marlin

Windows Server 2008 R2: Failover Clustering Troubleshooting Scenarios
By John Marlin
Configuring failover clusters in Windows Server can help ensure near-consistent availability. Here are several potential troubleshooting scenarios.


Brien Posey

System Center: Managing Mobile Devices
By Brien Posey
Everyone has a smartphone, laptop and tablet these days, so having a solid strategy for secure device management is essential.


Thomas Olzak

Virtualization: Hardware Consolidation
By Thomas Olzak
Done properly, consolidating server hardware through virtualization can convey many more business benefits than simply reducing hardware costs.



Utility Spotlight: Organize and Access Remote Desktops
By Lance Whitney

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager is a quick and easy way to manage your connections to remote servers.

Windows Confidential: The Policy That Controls Nothing
By Raymond Chen

If you were wondering what feature advertisement balloon notifications were, and what you should do with them, read on.

IT Toolbox: New Products for IT Professionals
By Greg Steen

You can simplify and streamline your patch management and security update process, and clean up system tracks with this month’s tools.

Geek of All Trades: Windows Intune - PC Management Owned by Someone Else
By Greg Shields

When it comes to monitoring and management, working with a cloud-based service could be the way to go.

SQL Q&A: Tales of Transactions
By Paul S. Randal

Transaction logs are critical to backup efforts, but you must ensure they’re properly configured and clearing when they’re supposed to clear.

Windows PowerShell: Doing Databases with PowerShell
By Don Jones

You can use some Windows PowerShell code to configure your databases to store exactly what you need.