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Enterprise management

Microsoft Edge has many new policies that support key management scenarios and we continue to add new policies based on enterprise needs. All policies are supported through Group Policy and Mobile Device Management (MDM). Other improvements for Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 Creators Update include the policy to keep favorites in sync between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, and Adobe Flash click-to-run.

Security and performance

With Microsoft Edge, we've reduced the attack surface exposed to the web and eliminated entire classes of vulnerabilities such as legacy document modes and ActiveX controls. Microsoft Edge leverages Code Integrity Guard (CIG) and Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG) to help combat modern web browser exploits. We're also introducing a new layer of defense protection – Windows Defender Application Guard for Windows 10 Enterprise.

Web compatibility

Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser designed for Windows 10. Use Microsoft Edge as the default browser for your organization, and switch back to Internet Explorer 11 for approved sites that need backward compatibility. Microsoft Edge works with Internet Explorer to support your legacy web apps, while still defaulting to the higher bar for security and modern experiences enabled by Microsoft Edge.

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