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Microsoft Edge training and demonstrations

Explore security and compatibility features of Microsoft Edge, and get tips to increase manageability, productivity, and support for legacy apps.

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Virtual labs

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Enterprise Mode virtual lab

Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode to fix compatibility issues

In Internet Explorer, Enterprise Mode provides better backward compatibility than earlier versions for web apps. In this lab you'll learn how to configure and deploy Enterprise Mode in Windows 10, where Microsoft Edge is the default browser.

Learn more about Enterprise Mode:

Features and functionality

Find out more about new and improved features of Microsoft Edge, and how you can leverage them to bring increased productivity, security, manageability, and support for legacy apps to your secure, modern desktop.


Browsing in the enterprise
Browsing in the enterprise (1:08:23)
See how Microsoft Edge is a crucial part of a secure, modern desktop – from interoperability and security, to manageability and support for legacy apps.
What's new for Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
What's new in Fall Creators Update (1:13:15)
Find out about Microsoft Edge feature updates available in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update including security, performance, and high-level user tweaks.
Microsoft Edge tips and tricks
Microsoft Edge tips and tricks (20:26)
Get tips on how to improve your browsing experience by leveraging some key features in Microsoft Edge such as Start page customization, shortcuts, and more.

Security and performance

Find out how Microsoft Edge prevents browser-based attacks and provides a secure enterprise browsing experience, and learn about improvements we've made to make it a faster, more efficient browser that offers you backward compatibility for your legacy web apps.


Microsoft Edge security
Prevent browser-based attacks with Windows Defender Application Guard (5:02)
Get a quick overview of Windows Defender Application Guard, a new capability to prevent browser-based attacks.
In-depth look at Windows Defender Application Guard
Making Microsoft Edge the world’s most secure browser (1:12:47)
Get an in-depth look at how Application Guard uses virtualization-based security and containers to enhance the security of Microsoft Edge.
Microsoft Edge functionality and security improvements
Edge functionality and security improvements, and enterprise compatibility (1:05:18)
See how Microsoft Edge continues to raise the bar for enterprise browsing while providing backward compatibility when you need it.
Microsoft Edge DOM tree
Building a faster browser: Behind the scenes improvements in Microsoft Edge (26:37)
Get a behind the scenes look at Microsoft Edge and the improvements we've made to make it faster and more efficient than ever.
Microsoft Edge security
Building a safer browser: Four guards to keep users safe (26:01)
Learn about our security strategy and how we use the Four Guards to keep your users safe while they browse the Internet.

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