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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser experience for Windows 10, offering organizations modern web standards, better performance, improved security, and increased reliability. Browse the resources below to learn more about Microsoft Edge and deployment considerations.

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The ultimate browsing strategy on Windows 10
Leverage the best of both worlds - Microsoft Edge for faster, safer browsing, and Internet Explorer for older websites.

Browsing strategy in Windows 10


Legacy apps in the enterprise
Find out about tools you can use to manage a dual-browser experience to maximize ROI on your existing LOB apps.

Legacy apps in the enterprise

Web browser comparative report - NSS Labs
Discover how Microsoft Edge blocks more phishing sites and socially engineered malware than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft Edge NSS Labs security report

Using Microsoft Edge in the enterprise

Learn how to customize and manage Microsoft Edge.


Demos and training

Get in-depth training and knowledge with technical demos.

Play the video Windows 10: Top Features for IT Pros
Take a look at new features in Windows 10, with information that highlights how Microsoft Edge is more responsive and productive across all your Windows 10 devices.


Internet Explorer 11

Web Application Compatibility Lab Kit

Internet Explorer Administration Kit

Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation