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clientY property

Sets or retrieves the y-coordinate of the mouse pointer, or user's finger, position relative to the client area of the window, excluding window decorations and scroll bars.



p = object.clientY


Property values

Type: Integer

the y-coordinate, in pixels.


The property is read-only in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, and read/write in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and later.

Because the clientY property returns a value relative to the client, you can add the value of the scrollTop property to determine the distance of the y-coordinate from the edge of the body element.

Within a viewlink, the client area begins at the edge of the master element.


This example uses the clientY property to determine the mouse position relative to the window. The status window shows the mouse position at all times.

Code example:

function clientCoords()
    var offsetInfo = ""
    clientInfo = "The x coordinate is: " + window.event.clientX + "\r"
    clientInfo += "The y coordinate is: " + window.event.clientY + "\r"
<body onmousemove="window.status = 'X=' + this.clientX + ' Y=' + 

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