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scheme attribute | scheme property

Sets or retrieves a scheme to be used in interpreting the value of a property specified for the object.


HTML<element scheme="p" ... >

p = object.scheme


Property values

Type: String

a scheme to use when interpreting the value of an object's property.


scheme was introduced in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

The scheme property can provide a context to correctly interpret otherwise ambiguous data formats such as those for date and time. It can also be used to identify the object's content itself.

There is no functionality implemented for this property unless defined by the author.


In the following two examples, the value of scheme defines how to interpret the value of the "date" property.

//Here scheme="USA" implies "MM-DD-YYYY"
<meta scheme="USA" name="date" content="04-05-1962">

//Here scheme="Europe" implies "DD-MM-YYYY"
<meta scheme="Europe" name="date" content="05-04-1962">

The following example of the meta shows how the scheme can be used to clarify the value of the "id" property.

<meta scheme="customer" name="id" content="Fancy Pants">

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