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Video for Skype for Business

Microsoft tests and qualifies video teleconference systems (VTCs), and gateways for interoperability with Skype for Business through our Video Interoperability Program. Our Video Interoperability program tests:

• Video endpoints for direct registration as an end point on Lync 2013 and Skype for Business Server 2015.

• Video infrastructure for providing a gateway that allows legacy SIP and H.323 based VTCs to join scheduled Skype for Business meetings, and in some cases to conduct peer to peer calling with native Skype for Business endpoints.

Always check if your Skype for Business version was tested to interoperate with the video systems.

Video endpoints

The table that follows describes the features available for the 3rd party VTC as certified for Skype for Business. Here, we compare the capabilities of the VTC in Skype for Business interop mode to the capabilities of Skype Room Systems (Native Meeting Room Devices).

 Polycom RealPresence Group Series for
Skype for Business
Skype Room Systems (Native Meeting Room Devices)
General information
Product typeVTCRoom System
Description3rd party endpoint running non-Skype for Business media stack, interoperating with Skype for BusinessPurpose-build Windows UWP app, a native Skype for Business client for conference rooms (native Teams client coming soon)
Qualification dateJune 2017December 2016 (first release)
Version Tested6. (current)
Skype version supported

Skype for Business Server 2015

Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business Server 2015

Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business Experience
Skype for Business UIPartial *
Configuration Settings3rd party
Single touch meeting join
Viewing shared files or content uploaded in Skype meeting 
Sharing content in Skype for Business meeting 
Viewing shared Desktop in Skype for Business meeting
Viewing PowerPoint application shared by Skype for Business 
Desktop Sharing from device in a Skype meeting**
Sharing from device in P2P call**
OOB Experience3rd party
Skype for Business in-band provisioning 
Monitoring with OMS 
In-band update
Management platform3rd partyWindows PC based (Group Policies, SCCM, and others)
Interop with Skype for Business
Searchable from Lync or Skype client
(with Exchange resource account)
Point-toPoint and PSTN calls
Video calls over UDP and TCP
(same as Skype for Business client)
Presence (available, busy, offline)
Media quality with Skype for Business
VBSS-based content sharing**
RDP-based content sharing**
HD video (RTVideo - 720p)
HD Video (H.264 SVC – 1080p)
Audio (wideband, narrowband)
Firewall traversal
(same as Skype for Business client)
FEC (forward error correction)
(same as Skype for Business client)
Encryption Support (TLS and SRTP)
(same as Skype for Business client)
Other feature support with Skype for Business
Web proxy support 
(same as Skype for Business client)
Support for large meetings ( >75 users ) 
(same as Skype for Business client)

* Skype for Business user experience with Group Series is limited to use of the Polycom RealPresence Touch Controller when Skype for Business mode is enabled. This experience is not present in the front of room view. Additionally, certain capabilities such as admitting attendees, locking spotlight, and promoting as presenter or demoting participants to attendee are not available on VTC.

** Desktop sharing using RDP from a device sends content as video over the people channel. Polycom support for VBSS is currently planned for certification.

Video infrastructure

 Polycom RealConnect for Office 365Pexip Infinity
Qualification DateApril 2017July 2017
Version TestedN/A for Service 1V15.1
Skype version supportedOnline (Office 365)On-premise (Skype for Business Server 2015)
Product TypeServiceServer
Searchable from Lync ClientNo 2No
Join Skype Online Supported mMeeting typesOnlineOnprem
Point-to-Point CallsNo 2Yes
VBSS based content sharingYesNo 3
RDP based content sharingYesYes
HD Video (RTVideo – 720p)YesYes
HD Video (H.264 SVC – 1080p)YesYes
Panoramic videoYesNo
Audio (wideband, narrowband)YesYes
Presence (available, busy, offline)No 2Yes
Video calls over UDP and TCPYesYes
Firewall TraversalN/A for Online meeting interopYes
FEC (forward error correction)YesYes
Encryption Support (TLS and SRTP)YesYes
H.323 SignalingYesYes
SIP SignalingYesYes


  1. Cloud service based video interop solutions are updated frequently and don't have set version numbers. Instead of testing a specific version, cloud services have implemented real time telemetry and have live-site support process coordination with Microsoft.
  2. Features supported for Online differ from those supported for On-premise. Video interop for O365 is focused on meeting join, and does not require VTCs to be authenticated or in any way registered to the service, as long as the meeting organizer is licensed for the service. For this reason, point-to-point calling and presence status for VTCs is not supported for online video interop.
  3. Pexip support for VBSS is currently in tech preview state.

If you are a vendor seeking to join the certification program, see How to Join for requirements and available programs.