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Services for Skype for Business

  1. SIP Trunking Services
  2. E-911 Services
  3. ACPs

SIP Trunking services

Skype for Business enables connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) directly over SIP to provide flexible unified communication capability with reduced cost. Certified for Skype for Business SIP trunking services help enterprises to connect their on-premises Skype for Business infrastructure to external PSTN network in a highly scalable way. Skype for Business provides the most reliable PSTN interconnectivity with SIP trunk providers.


The following table lists the SIP trunking services that are certified for Skype for Business.

CarrierService NameQualified with TLS & SRTP
Accelerated ConnectionsACI SIP Trunk 
AltiboxAltibox SIP Trunk 
AT&TAT&T IP Flexible Reach Service 
BandwidthSIP Voice Services 
Brightlink IPBrightlink IP SfB Enterprise 
Broad-ConnectSIP Trunking 
BroadSoft AdaptionOfficeTrunk 
BROKERTEAMSIP Trunk Brokerteam - Winvision Voice 
BT Global ServicesBT One Voice 
CallPlus Services Ltd.SIP Trunk 
C3NTROLync SIP Connect 
CCI Network ServicesCCI_SFB 
Cincinnati Bell Business / CBTSSIP Trunking 
Circuit IDCloud SIP 
Cirque A/SLync TrunkQualified
Colt Technology ServicesVoIP Access 
Columbus Business SolutionsCBS Cloud VoiceQualified
ComscentreComscentre Sip Connect for Microsoft Lync 
ElisaSIP TrunkingQualified
FujitsuSIP Trunk 
G12 CommunicationsLync SIP Trunks 
GammaSIP Trunking 
GlobalConnectGlobalConnect SIP Trunking 
IntelePeerIntelePeer SIP TrunkingQualified
Internet SolutionsInternet Solutions SIP Trunk 
InterouteInteroute One 
ipvision a/sVIP TrunkQualified
KordiaOnkor VoiceQualified
Level 3Level 3 Communications SIP Trunking 
Magnetic NorthCloud PBX 
NetstreamLync ConnectQualified
Nuwave Communications, Inc.NuWave ConnectQualified
Masergy CommunicationsIntelligent SIP Trunk 
One Source NetworksLync TrunkingQualified
OneStream NetworksSkype for Business SIP TrunkingQualified
Orange Business ServicesBusiness Talk (SIP Trunking) 
Peerless NetworkEnterprise SIP Trunking 
PhoneroPhonero SIP-trunk 
PrimeTelPrimeTel SIP Trunk 
Pure-IPOneLync SIP TrunksQualified
QSC AGIPfonie extended link 
Redwood TechnologiesSIP Trunk 
Red Sky TechnologiesE911 AnywhereQualified
Rogers Business SolutionsRogers Business Solutions (RBS) SIP Trunking 
SBC EuropeSIP Trunking for Microsoft Lync (2013) 
SoTel Systems, LLCSIP Trunking 
SprintGlobal SIP Trunking 
Swisscom (Switzerland)VoIP Gate 
TalkTalk BusinessTalkTalk Business SIP TrunkingQualified
Tata CommunicationsGlobal SIP ConnectQualified
TDCTDC Business Trunk 
TelapplianttalkAssure SIP Trunking for Microsoft Lync 
TelavoxSIP TrunkQualified
Tele2VoIP Connect 
Telecom New Zealand / Gen-IVoice Connect 
Telefonica Business SolutionsSIP Trunking 
TeliaSonera Finland OyjSonera Business Voice Access 
Telio Telecom ASTelio SipTrunk 
TelkomselTelkomsel Connect 
Telnyx, LLCTelnyx Mission Control Self-Service Portal and API 
TelusIP Trunking 
ThinktelSIP Trunking 
toplink LCQualified
T-Systems International GmbHCorporate SIP Germany 
tw telecomManaged SIP Services 
UPC Schweiz GmbHBusiness Voice IP-PBX 
Verizon BusinessIP Trunking Services 
Vodafone GmbHIP Anlagen-Anschluss 
Vodafone NetherlandsVodafone Office Voice (VoV) and Corporate Net over IP (CNoIP) 
Vodafone Next Generation Services LtdWXC SIPLink 
Voxbone SAVoxDID, Vox800 
West IP CommunicationsMaxxConnect 
Windstream CommunicationsDynamic IP 
WorldNetWorldNet SIP Trunking 
XO CommunicationsXO SIP Services 

SIP Trunk Service Qualification Process

The SIP trunk service provider interoperability program qualifies services offered by providers connecting enterprise, on-premise Skype for Business voice networks to a service provider offering PSTN origination, termination and emergency services by making use of the SIP protocol. 

Participation in the program is solely at Microsoft’s discretion. Upon successful completion, the product/service and firmware combination tested will be listed on this site.

Program requirements for qualification

  • Company must have a standard NDA signed with Microsoft.
  • Join Microsoft Partner Program.
  • Become member of TSANet.
  • Contact the approved independent test labs TekVizion or WIPRO labs for technical program requirements.
  • Complete the test requirements at the independent lab.
  • Obtain final approval from the Skype for Business partner engineering team.
  • Provide dedicated website for Skype for Business supported products, including support, ordering, and technical documentation
  • Provide Quick start guide for configuration steps for Skype for Business Server

For additional question and enquiries email MSUCOIP administrators at

E-911 service providers

E-911 service providers provide routing of emergency calls from Skype for Business to the correct emergency dispatch center responsible for deploying emergency responders for the given client location. Enterprises can use E-911 services to provide location-aware emergency dialing support for both hard phones and soft phones. Emergency calls using E-911 service providers are delivered exclusively over SIP trunking connections to the service provider, including the location information directly in the call.

E-911 service providers and ELIN gateways certified for Skype for Business

Microsoft Lync supports two methods of placing E-911 calls: Using a qualified service delivered via a SIP trunk, and using a qualified gateway that provides ELIN capabilities. Both provide routing of emergency calls from Skype for Business to the correct emergency dispatch center responsible for deploying emergency responders for the given client location. Enterprises can use E-911 services or ELIN gateways to provide location-aware emergency dialing support for both hard phones and soft phones.

CompanyService Name
WestV9-1-1 for Enterprise/ Emergency Routing Service
Level 3Level 3 SIP Trunking for Lync
Red Sky TechnologiesE911 Anywhere

Learn more about E911 services here: Emergency Services (E9-1-1).

CompanyQualified Product
WestEmergency Gateway (EGW)
AudiocodesMediant Gateway & SBA version 6.4
SonusSBC 1000 & SBC 2000

Audio conferencing providers for Skype for Business Online

Dial-in audio conferencing, which is the ability to dial into scheduled Skype for Business Online meetings and conferences from fixed-line or mobile phones, can be achieved through interoperability with leading third-party audio conferencing services.

Vendors listed in the following table have been certified with Skype for Business Online.

Provider NameRegions Available