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Building Win7 - interview with a Build Engineer


About This Video
Today we're announcing that Windows7 is complete and the final build is locked.  In this video, I sat down with Istvan Cseri, a build engineer who works in the main Windows build lab and burn lab.  He explains a little bit about the daily build process and what it takes to compile Windows builds on a regular basis.
Some of the stats he shared with me:
it takes 12 hours to compile a build of Windows 7.  A new build is compiled 5 times a week.
Each build is 13 terabytes, and includes over 3,300 different .iso's, for each of the different versions of Windows.
over 30 machines do the actual source code compilation.

oh, and Istvan just told me that for the final build, he was the guy that accepted the last fix for Win7, and kicked off the compile.
more information about the daily build process can be found in this post on the Windows 7 Engineering blog.


Published Date: July 22, 2009
Presented By: Adam Bomb




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