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Learn About Scripting for Systems Management Server (SMS)

This page brings together resources for system administrators who are interested in writing scripts for use with and to help manage Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS). We’d like to be sure we’re continuing to meet your needs, so let us know what you’d like to see here.


  • The SMS 2003 Scripting Guide (download)

    Provides over 40 scripts, covering tasks ranging from creating advertisements to running queries. The SMS 2003 Scripting Guide explains the basics of SMS objects, WMI, and VBScript through a series of 'How To' examples. Each example has extensive links to other appropriate resources, such as the SMS SDK, the WMI SDK, and the Windows 2000 Scripting Guide.
    You can also take a look at the SMS 2003 Scripting Guide online.

  • SMS 2003 Product Documentation

    Product information, technical reference materials, and other goodies devoted to SMS and SMS management.

  • SMS 2003 SDK

    Documentation and samples that help you write applications or scripts that access and modify SMS data