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Webcasts from the Scripting Guys

We realize that not everyone learns the same way. Sometimes, you just want to hear someone talking about scripting and maybe see some slides and a demo, right? Then check out these webcasts. They're right up your alley.

Featured series: PowerShell Essentials for the Busy Admin

In this five-part series, Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson offers compelling reasons for learning Windows PowerShell scripting and provides training for some of the most important Windows PowerShell uses for IT admins.

Part 1: PowerShell 'SmowerShell'—Why You Should Learn Windows PowerShell

Duration: 58 minutes 17 Seconds

Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson discusses a number of compelling reasons for learning Windows PowerShell scripting:

  • It provides the ability to consolidate information from multiple remote systems into a centralized view of the data.
  • It is safer than many other tools and offers the ability to prototype a command prior to the command execution.
  • There is a confirmation mode that lets a network administrator selectively pick commands to execute or ignore.
  • It has built-in logging that documents the commands executed and the output from those commands.

This session offers many practical tips and demonstrations.

Download: Video (WMV) | Audio podcast (WMA)

Watch more of the series:
  • Part 2: Heard It through the Pipeline—How to Compound Windows PowerShell Commands for Fun & Profit
  • Part 3: Sole Provider? Not Hardly—A Look at Windows PowerShell Providers
  • Part 4: The Main Event—Windows PowerShell Does Event Logs
  • Part 5: More Than Remotely Possible—Using Windows PowerShell to Manage the Remote Desktop