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Advanced Deployment Scenarios using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010: (Part 5 of 7) Configuring the Deployment Point to Use the Configuration Database


About This Video
In order for the properties populated in configuration database to be of any use, the database must be tied to a deployment point.

In this demonstration we’ll look at how to configure the database rules which basically tells what needs to be queried for each of the role methods when the Windows Deployment Wizard is run. To minimize network traffic and database overhead disable queries that are not relevant to the configured role methods. After we have done this we will rerun the Windows Deployment Wizard on the client and see how the experience has changed and how we are now getting customizations from the configuration database. We’ll also look at how we can skip, or remove, panes in the Windows Deployment Wizard to further modify the experience at the client level and greatly simplify the experience from the users perspective.

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Published Date: November 08, 2010
Presented By: Chris Caldwell




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