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Trustworthy Cloud Computing

Read case studies, get the latest Cloud Security tool, download White Papers and more on the Cloud Computing page.

Targeted Attack Video Series

Join Tim Rains from Microsoft Trustworthy Computing as he outlines Advanced Persistent Threats in this installment of the Targeted Attacks video series. Watch Now

Microsoft ccTLD Registry Security Assessment

Microsoft provides a comprehensive set of security services to ccTLD Registries to help enhance their security posture and lend to the protection of both Microsoft-specific domain (DNS) records as well as those of our global peers, partners, and even competitors.

Security Videos

Preparing for Security in Windows 8
Learn all about the Windows 8 security investments and how you can prepare to secure your systems for Windows 8

Cloud Fundamentals - Series Finale
Tim Rains, Director, Trustworthy Computing and host of the Cloud Fundamentals Video Series gives a brief wrap up of the series.

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