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Free Computer Security Tips

Find actionable guidance to help you leverage Microsoft's latest security products and technologies to better secure and protect information in your organization.




  • Ransomware in the Enterprise

    One problem affecting the enterprise space is ransomware, a type of malware designed to render a computer or its files unusable until you pay a certain amount of money to the attacker. Learn more about this threat and how to deal with a ransomware infection.

  • Threat Mitigation with EMET 4.0

    EMET 4.0 offers improvements and new features based on Microsoft customer feedback and the new attacks today's IT ecosystem has faced over the last couple years. Explore the new features and learn how to best utilize EMET 4.0 as part of your overall security toolbox.

  • Security Response Readiness Assessment

    Learn how to use Microsoft's free Security Response Readiness Assessment to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your software security response processes and identify areas for improvement.

  • How to Mitigate Against Targeted Cyber Intrusion

    Sensitive information, corporate intellectual property, financial information, and private personal data is being lost to cyber intrusions targeted at government agencies and private enterprises. Explore some effective protections that you can put in place without a new investment in technology or personnel.


  • Configuring BitLocker for Tablets

    Explore a new architectural standard called Connected Standby and learn how, with BitLocker, you can eliminate the need for pre-boot authentication in certain types of devices

  • Kicking the Virtual Tires of a Cloud Provider

    Evaluating a cloud provider needs to be done with care. Learn how to make the evaluation process simpler and easier to ensure that everyone can address the important factors of the cloud selection process.

  • Monitor Key Security Controls to Prevent Data Breach

    Learn how to use Microsoft's free Security Compliance Manager tool to help you to monitor patch status, identify changes to the administrators group, and report on the use of whitelists using the desired configuration management feature in System Center Configuration Manager.

  • DNSSEC and DNS Amplification Attacks

    Learn how, combined with source address spoofing, an attacker can direct a large volume of network traffic to a target system by initiating relatively small DNS queries so that you can better protect your network from this type of attack.

  • Threat Modeling and Agile Development Practices

    Find out how to effectively perform threat modeling for projects that demand rapid development processes.



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