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Introducing the PowerShell Configurator.


About This Video

This shows off the  PSCONFIG tool found on codeplex. It’s aimed at servers running either Hyper-V server R2 Or Coreinstallations Windows Server 2008 R2, although it can be useful on just about any version of Windows with PowerShell V2 installed. Here is breakdown of the what is included.

Installed software, product features, drivers and updates 
*Add-Driver, Get-Driver 
* Add-InstalledProduct ,Get-InstalledProduct ,  Remove-InstalledProduct, 
* Add-WindowsFeature , Get-WindowsFeature, Select-WindowsFeature, Remove-WindowsFeature 
* Add-HotFix,  Add-WindowsUpdate, Get-WindowsUpdateConfig , Set-WindowsUpdateConfig

Networking and Firewall 
* Get-FirewallConfig , Set-FirewallConfig, Get-FirewallProfile , Get-FireWallRule, New-FirewallRule 
* Get-NetworkAdapter, Select-NetworkAdapter, Get-IpConfig , New-IpConfig , Remove-IpConfig, Set-IpConfig

* Get-Registration , Register-Computer

Page file 
* Get-PageFile, Set-AutoPageFile

Shut-down event tracker 
* Get-ShutDownTracker , Set-ShutDownTracker

Windows Remote management 
* Get-WinRMConfig , Disable-WinRm

Remote Desktop 
* Get-RemoteDesktopConfig , Set-RemoteDesktop

* Rename-Computer 
* Set-DateConfig , Set-iSCSIConfig  , Set-RegionalConfig

It has a menu so it can replace the SCONFIG VB script utility , and includes on-line help. There is a user guide based on help available for as a seperate  download from codeplex. At the time of posting (December 2009) it is at the release candidate stage – the only known issues are a couple of places where the documentation has not been updated to be in sync with the code.


Published Date: December 21, 2009
Presented By: James O'Neill



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