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Slipstreaming Internet Explorer 8 into Windows Vista


About This Video

Lately, I have been doing a lot fun work with the IE 8 team.  Look for a TechNet radio interview shortly I did with Jane Maliouta who is a IE Deployment Program Manager.  In talking with Jane she told that she had written a post on how to slipstream IE 8 into an Windows Vista image.  After checking out the post I decided to make a screencast to show how easy this is to do. 

If you want to see the steps in greater detail check out Jane's post here:

Detailed Steps to Slipstream IE 8 into Windows Vista 

If you have not scene IE 8 in action check out my two screen casts I did a few weeks back:

Here are some other great resources for IE8, as well as download locations:

Download IE 8 today:


Published Date: July 03, 2008
Presented By: Matt Hester




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