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Microsoft Virtualization Solution Accelerators

Take the first steps toward the cloud with Virtualization Solution Accelerators. These free, automated tools and proven guidance will help you to assess your current infrastructure, plan and design new infrastructure pieces, secure server roles, and deploy virtualization technologies.

Plan for Virtualization with Solution Accelerators

  • Take advantage of Virtualization and Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V technology to consolidate workloads, minimize operational costs, and maximize planning flexibility with the MAP Toolkit for Hyper-V.

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  • The Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) Guide Series provides concise planning guidance for Microsoft Virtualization solutions. Check out these Virtualization-focused IPD Guides:

Virtualization deployment resources

  • Elevate the security of virtualized Windows Server environments to address business-critical needs with the Hyper-V Security Guide.

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Case Studies

  • Certification company Sporton International accelerates deployment of Windows 7, improves computer stability, and reduces help-desk call time and volume by 80 percent
  • Microsoft Partner & global IT firm Convergent Computing helps customers optimize servers, save $1.2 million with private cloud


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Microsoft Virtualization Solution Accelerators

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Microsoft Virtualization Solution Accelerators

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Microsoft Virtualization Solution Accelerators