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ADO.NET Managed Providers and DataSet... the core data access technology for languages targeting the CLR. Use the System.Data.SqlClient namespace to access SQL Server, or providers from other suppliers to access their stores. Use System.Data.Odbc or System.Data.Oledb to access data from .NET languages using other data access technologies. Use System.Data.Dataset when you need an offline data cache in client applications.

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Download ADO.NET

Get Visual Studio
ADO.NET is part of the .NET Framework. To create applications that use the .NET Framework, you use Visual Studio, the integrated development environment provided by Microsoft.

(Optional) Find an Appropriate ADO.NET Data Provider for your Data Source
ADO.NET includes built-in support for Microsot SQL Server databases along with OLE DB and ODBC data sources. Additional optimized third-party providers are available.

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