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SQL Server 2005 – Reporting Services

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services is a new server-based reporting platform that you can use to create and manage tabular, matrix, graphical, and free-form reports that contain data from relational and multidimensional data sources. The reports that you create can be viewed and managed over a Web-based connection.

Reporting Services InfoCenters

InfoCenters are navigation topics in the SQL Server 2005 Books Online that link to the information that is most important for people working with Reporting Services in different roles.

Getting Started

Find Reporting Services overviews, system requirements, installation instructions, and more.

Planning and Architecture

Use these articles and whitepapers to better understand Reporting Services and plan to use it to implement your reporting systems.


Find the information developers require to build reports using Reporting Services, and then enable their applications and Web sites to work with those reports.


Plan for the deployment of your reports built using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.

Security and Protection

Help protect your Reporting Services reports from malicious attacks and improve the security of your data.


Learn about SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services administration and operations tasks such as configuring and activating report servers, and monitoring for performance and system heath.

Technical Reference

Find the tools and other reference documentation for SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.