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Install PowerPivot for Excel


About This Video:

Instructions for installing the PowerPivot Add-in for Excel.

This video available with closed captions. To view closed captions, click CC on the video control bar.


Welcome to another PowerPivot screen cast from Michele and Ed.

In this video we'll show you how to install the PowerPivot add-in for Excel.

PowerPivot is made up of the Excel add-in and a SharePoint Server component. This video only covers the installation of the add-in for Excel. You do not need PowerPivot for SharePoint to use PowerPivot for Excel.

To use PowerPivot add-in for Excel there are the a few perquisites.

  • First .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.
    If you're running Windows 7, this is already on your computer.
  • Next is Microsoft Office 2010. For best results you really need the 64-bit version of Excel and the add-in. The 64-bit architecture provides the extra memory that allows PowerPivot to load multi-million rows of data. If you're using 32-bit Excel you can still use PowerPivot to create BI data as a basis for data analysis in Excel, but you won't be able to load the extremely large data sets that the 64-bit architecture supports.
  • When installing Office be sure to install Office Shared Features. For PowerPivot to install correctly, at a minimum, make sure that you check the top-level Office Shared Features box.

Let's begin the installation.

I'm starting at the Microsoft Download Center and searching for PowerPivot.

I double click the most recent release.

On the PowerPivot download page I select which version to install. Since I've already installed the 64-bit version of Office, I select the 64-bit version of PowerPivot by clicking the download button.

Click Run to start the download.

Click Next to start the wizard.

Accept the License Agreement.

Enter your name and click Install.

To complete the install click Finish.

That's it, I'll verify that the add-in installed by opening Excel and then clicking the PowerPivot tab on the Excel ribbon. The PowerPivot window opens over the Excel window showing an empty work space. Now I can start adding data.

For help with working with PowerPivot including how to import data, please watch the importing data video series and read through our online documentation.


Presented by: Michele Hart and Ed Price



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