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EBS virtualization video interview


About This Video

To kick off EBS's public availability today, I interviewed Steve Bourne, virtualization program manager for Essential Business Server. Steve gives insight into EBS virtualization, tells us what is supported, uses the whiteboard to help determine what EBS virtualization scenario will work best for you, and also shows a quick demo of EBS running in Hyper-V.

The interview breaks down like this:

  • [3:04] – Walk through of how to virtualize all 3 EBS servers on 1 physical Hyper-V server    
    • Memory, VHD, Processor allocations
    • [6:03] Virtual network configuration
    • [7:40] Note on how to  get the planning data into the mgmt/msg servers
  • [8:56] – Configuration: virtualize management / messaging servers on 1 host, security is separate physical host
  • [12:00] – Configuration: virtualize management on 1 host, virtualize messaging / security on a different host
  • [13:49] – Fault tolerance / redundancy for hardware failure on a physical host
  • [14:24] – EBS support with live and quick migration
  • [15:33] – What you should run on the virtualization host
  • [16:41] - What NOT to do with virtualization of EBS
  • [18:15] - One plus One (1+1) licensing : Hyper-V host using EBS premium SQL server as the parent partition
  • [20:34] – management story for EBS virtualization
  • [21:44] – showing EBS in Hyper-V

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Published Date: November 12, 2008
Presented By: David Tesar



Video: WMV | MP4