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End-to-End Troubleshooting for SQL Server


About This Video

Learning how to detect, diagnose and resolve performance problems in SQL Server is tough. It often takes years of on-the-job experience to learn how to use the tools and techniques that help you detect when a problem is occurring, diagnose the root-cause of the problem, and then resolve the problem. So strap yourself in to a time machine, because you’ll learn in less than two hours what it took Kevin years to figure out through hands-on troubleshooting and problem solving.

This hands-on session will take you from the very start of a problem situation on SQL Server, showing you how to use the native tools that help you keep SQL Server at top performance and problem free.

SQL Server Days 2011 is brought to you by the Belgian SQL Server User Group ( VZW) in collaboration with Microsoft Belux.


Published Date: January 16, 2012
Presented By: Kevin Kline




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