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Plan for SQL Server 2012

Find information about SQL Server installation and upgrade. See solutions for SQL Server installation problems. Read the latest about SQL Server install and upgrade. Watch videos that show step-by-step installation of a SQL Server stand-alone or failover cluster instance.

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Previously unseen expired error.
Does anyone who has seen the URL's image? Please advice what do I do
Sunday, Mar 1
I am not able to install sql server 2008 r2 sp2
hi, I have installed sql server 2008 r2 rtm and want to update to sp2 and have installed sp2 from microsoft website and then ... more
Friday, Feb 27
Is 'SQLCMD.EXE' the SQL Server 2008 executable to be added to a Firewall 'Inbound Rule' to allow remote access?
I would like to add a new Firewall 'Inbound Rule' to allow remote access by SQL Server 2008. SQL Server Management Studio... more
Friday, Feb 27


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