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Powershell Panel Interview with Jeff, Don, and Sean


About This Video

At TechEd NA 2010, I interviewed Jeffrey Snover, Don Jones, and Sean Kearney for Ch9Live.  We start off with Vibram FiveFingers and singing and then we get into all sorts of things related to Powershell such as:

  • How Powershell has evolved (from the creator)
  • Favorite features in Powershell
  • When will powershell replace the command line?
  • How do you read the results of robocopy to email us when copy error occurred?
  • How high does the powershell remoting capabilities scale?
  • Coolest examples each person has seen of what Powershell has done
  • What can powershell do that Visual Basic (VB)script can't?
  • Thoughts about powershell use with SharePoint and SQL

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Powershell Blog  


Published Date: July 09, 2010
Presented By: David Tesar



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