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Visual Studio Team System

Getting Started with Profiling Tools

This section provides an overview of the concepts and tasks you will apply when you collect, view, and analyze code performance using the Visual Studio Team System Developer Edition Profiling Tools.

How to: Profile with the Performance Wizard and Profiler Defaults

Learn to use performance wizard and the Profiling Tools to profile a Windows client application.

How to: Create a Performance Session for ASP.NET Applications

Explains how to configure the Profiling Tools to profile an ASP.NET application.

How to: Create a Performance Session for a Web Service Project

Explains how to configure and run a profiling session for a Web service.

How to: Manually Create Performance Sessions with the Profiling Tools

Learn to create performance session without using a wizard.

Walkthrough: Profiling Applications

Gain hands-on experience profiling a sample application.

PeopleTrax Sample (Profiling Tools)

This is the code sample used to demonstrate profiling and the profiler's features.