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Visual Studio Team System

Controlling Data Collection in Profiling Tools

The Visual Studio Team System Developer Edition Profiling Tools enable you to control when profiling data is collected during a performance session and to specify the functions that are profiled. This section describes how to start and stop data collection from the Performance Explorer and the Data Collection Control windows and how to limit the objects for which profiling data is collected.

How to: Start and End Profiling

Learn how to use the Performance Explorer to start the profiler and application, and the preferred way to end the performance session.

How to: Attach and Detach the Profiler to Running Processes

Learn how to profile a running application and how to remove the profiler from the process.

How to: Pause and Resume Profiling

Learn how to stop profiling temporarily during a performance session and how to resume profiling later.

How to: Insert Marks in a Profiler Data File

Learn how to insert marks in a profiler data file that can be used in analysis to filter the profiling results.

How to: Limit Instrumentation to Specific Functions

Learn how to add commands to the profiling configuration for instrumentation that limit data collection to one or more specific functions.

How to: Limit Instrumentation to Specific DLLs

Learn how to configure a performance session to limit data collection to one or more DLLs in an application

How to: Exclude or Include Short Functions from Instrumentation

Learn how to include or exclude small function in the profiler data file.