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Platform Builder for Microsoft Windows CE 5.0

CRYPT Error Codes (Windows CE 5.0)

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The following table shows error codes that a cryptographic function might generate.

ValueMessage TextDescription
80091001CRYPT_E_MSG_ERRORAn error was encountered doing a cryptographic message operation.
80091002CRYPT_E_UNKNOWN_ALGOThe cryptographic algorithm is unknown.
80091003CRYPT_E_OID_FORMATThe object identifier is badly formatted.
80091004CRYPT_E_INVALID_MSG_TYPEThe message type is invalid.
80091005CRYPT_E_UNEXPECTED_ENCODINGUnexpected message encoding.
80091006CRYPT_E_AUTH_ATTR_MISSINGMissing an expected authenticated attribute.
80091007CRYPT_E_HASH_VALUEIncorrect hash value.
80091008CRYPT_E_INVALID_INDEXInvalid index value.
80091009CRYPT_E_ALREADY_DECRYPTEDMessage content already decrypted.
8009100ACRYPT_E_NOT_DECRYPTEDMessage content not yet decrypted.
8009100BCRYPT_E_RECIPIENT_NOT_FOUNDEnveloped-data message missing the specified recipient.
8009100CCRYPT_E_CONTROL_TYPEInvalid control type.
8009100DCRYPT_E_ISSUER_SERIALNUMBERInvalid issuer or serial number.
8009100ECRYPT_E_SIGNER_NOT_FOUNDOriginal signer not found.
8009100FCRYPT_E_ATTRIBUTES_MISSINGMessage missing requested attributes.
80091010CRYPT_E_STREAM_MSG_NOT_READYStreamed message is note yet able to return the requested data.
80091011CRYPT_E_STREAM_INSUFFICIENT_ DATAStreamed message needs more data.
80092001CRYPT_E_BAD_LENInsufficient output data length specified.
80092002CRYPT_E_BAD_ENCODEError while encoding or decoding.
80092003CRYPT_E_FILE_ERRORError while reading or writing to the file
80092004CRYPT_E_NOT_FOUNDObject or property not found.
80092005CRYPT_E_EXISTSObject or property already exists.
80092006CRYPT_E_NO_PROVIDERNo provider specified for store or object.
80092007CRYPT_E_SELF_SIGNEDSpecified certificate is self-signed.
80092008CRYPT_E_DELETED_PREVPrevious certificate or CRL context deleted.
80092009CRYPT_E_NO_MATCHNo match when trying to find the object.
8009200ACRYPT_E_UNEXPECTED_MSG_TYPEThe type of the cryptographic message being decoded is different than what was expected.
8009200BCRYPT_E_NO_KEY_PROPERTYThe certificate doesn't have a private key property
8009200CCRYPT_E_NO_DECRYPT_CERTNo certificate was found having a private key property to use for decrypting.
8009200DCRYPT_E_BAD_MSGNot a cryptographic message, or incorrectly formatted.
8009200ECRYPT_E_NO_SIGNERThe signed message doesn't have a signer for the specified signer index
8009200FCRYPT_E_PENDING_CLOSEFinal closure is pending until additional frees or closes.
80092010CRYPT_E_REVOKEDThe certificate or signature has been revoked
80092011CRYPT_E_NO_REVOCATION_DLLNo Dll or exported function found to verify revocation.
80092012CRYPT_E_NO_REVOCATION_CHECKCalled function unable to perform revocation check.
80092013CRYPT_E_REVOCATION_OFFLINEBecause the revocation server was offline, the called function wasn't able to complete the revocation check.
80092014CRYPT_E_NOT_IN_REVOCATION_ DATABASEThe certificate or signature not found in the revocation server database.
80092020CRYPT_E_INVALID_NUMERIC_ STRINGThe string contains a non-numeric character.
80092021CRYPT_E_INVALID_PRINTABLE_ STRINGThe string contains a non-printable character.
80092022LCRYPT_E_INVALID_IA5_STRINGThe string contains a character not in the 7 bit ASCII character set.
80092023CRYPT_E_INVALID_X500_STRINGThe string contains an invalid X500 name attribute key, OID, value or delimiter.
80092024CRYPT_E_NOT_CHAR_STRINGThe dwvaluetype for CERT_NAME_VALUE not one of the character strings.
80092025CRYPT_E_FILERESIZEDPut operation cannot continue. The file needs to be resized.
80092026CRYPT_E_SECURITY_SETTINGSThe cryptography operation failed due to a local security option setting.
80092027CRYPT_E_NO_VERIFY_USAGE_DLLNo DLL or exported function found to verify subject usage.
80092028CRYPT_E_NO_VERIFY_USAGE_CHECKThe called function was not able to do a usage check on the subject.
80092029CRYPT_E_VERIFY_USAGE_OFFLINEBecause the server was offline, the called function was not able to complete the usage check.
8009202ACRYPT_E_NOT_IN_CTLThe subject not found in a Certificate Trust List.
8009202BCRYPT_E_NO_TRUSTED_SIGNERNo trusted signer found.
80093000CRYPT_E_OSS_ERROROSS Certificate encode/decode error code base.
See asn1code.h.

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