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Visual Studio Team System

Configuring Performance Sessions for Profiling Tools

The Visual Studio Team System Developer Edition Profiling Tools enables you to collect a wide variety of performance data for a large number of application types. This section shows you how to use the Performance Wizard and properties of the performance session and target binary to configure the Profiling Tools to collect the data that you are interested in.


Profiling Tools configuration properties can also be used to control how much data is collected in a profiling run. For more information, see Controlling Data Collection in Profiling Tools.

How to: Reference Windows Symbol Information

Learn how to retrieve the Windows symbol information files from the Microsoft Web site.

How to: Choose Collection Methods

Learn to use the appropriate collection method for your application.

How to: Choose Sampling Events

Learn to specify sampling events from within the IDE.

How to: Collect .NET Memory Allocation and Lifetime Data

Learn to collect memory allocation and lifetime data for .NET applications from within the IDE.

How to: Collect CPU Counter Data

Learn how to collect performance data from on-board CPU (processor) counters.

How to: Collect Windows Counter Data

Learn how to collect performance data from the Windows operating system, driver, and application counters.

How to: Collect Event Trace (ETW) Data

Learn how to collect ETW (Event Tracing for Windows) data during a performance session.

How to: Collect Line-Level Sampling Data

Learn how to turn on and off the collection of line-level sampling data.

How to: Configure Profiling Marks

Learn how to configure a list of profiling marks that you can insert into the profiler data file.

How to: Serialize Symbol Information

Learn how to add symbol information to the profiler data file.

How to: Set the Current Performance Session

Learn to set the current performance session from multiple open sessions.

How to: Specify the Binary to Start

Learn how to specify the binary to start when profiling multiple binaries.

How to: Set Profiling Permissions

Learn to grant permissions to users who are not part of the Administrators group.

How to: Relocate Instrumented Binaries

Learn to specify the location for the instrumented binary.

How to: Specify Pre- and Post-Instrument Commands

Learn how to run commands before and after the profiling instrumentation.

How to: Specify Additional Instrumentation Options

Learn how to specify additional instrumentation commands that are not available in the profiler UI.