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Visual Studio Team System

How to: Choose Collection Methods

The Visual Studio Team System Developer Edition Profiling Tools support two methods of collecting performance data: sampling and instrumentation. You can use the performance session Method property to specify the most appropriate collection method for your application. If you are using command-line tools, see Using the Profiling Tools From the Command-Line section of the documentation for more information.

To select a collection method using the Performance Wizard:

  • On the second page of the wizard, select Sampling or Instrumentation.

To select a collection method using Performance Explorer

  1. On the Performance Explorer toolbar, click the arrow next to the Method drop-down list.

    Two options will appear: Sampling and Instrumentation.

  2. Choose the collection method that you prefer.

To select a collection method using performance session properties

  1. In Performance Explorer, select the performance session.

    A performance session file name has a .psess extension.

  2. Right-click the performance session, and then click Properties.

  3. In the Property Pages, click the General properties.

  4. Click Sampling or Instrumentation.