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MergeOption Enumeration


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Determines the synchronization option for sending or receiving entities to or from WCF Data Services. 

Namespace:   System.Data.Services.Client
Assembly:  System.Data.Services.Client (in System.Data.Services.Client.dll)

Public Enumeration MergeOption
Member name Description

Append new entities only. Existing entities or their original values will not be modified. No client-side changes are lost in this merge. This is the default behavior.


Objects are always loaded from persisted storage. Any property changes made to objects in the object context are overwritten by the data source values.


All current values on the client are overwritten with current values from the data service regardless of whether they have been changed on the client.


Current values that have been changed on the client are not modified, but any unchanged values are updated with current values from the data service. No client-side changes are lost in this merge.

This value is used when materializing objects. Set this property to the appropriate materialization option before executing any queries or updates to the data service. The default value is MergeOption.AppendOnly.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.5
Available since 2.0
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