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Create Remote Mailbox (Hybrid)

CFreemanwa|Last Updated: 1/17/2017
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Applies To: System Center 2016 - Orchestrator

You can use the Create Remote Mailbox (Hybrid) activity to create a mail-enabled user in on-premises Active Directory and Exchange. An associated mailbox is also created in the cloud-based service (hybrid environment).

The following tables list the required properties, optional properties, and published data for this activity.

Required properties for Create Remote Mailbox (Hybrid)

ElementDescriptionValid Values
AliasThe email alias of the user and its associated mailbox in the service to be created with this activity.
The alias can be a combination of characters separated by a period with no intervening spaces. Do not use special characters in the alias.
NameSpecifies the common name (CN) of the on-premises mail-enabled user and its associated mailbox in the service.String
User Principal NameSpecifies a system user name in an email address format (for example,

Optional properties for Create Remote Mailbox (Hybrid)

ElementDescriptionValid Values
Account DisabledIndicates whether to create the mail-enabled user in a disabled state.
Default is True, when selected.
True, False
ArchiveIndicates whether to create an archive mailbox in the service in addition to the mailbox that is created in the service by this activity.
Default is True, when selected.
True, False
Display NameSpecifies the name that will be displayed in Microsoft Outlook for the mail user and its associated mailbox in the service.String
Domain ControllerSpecifies the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the domain controller that writes this configuration change to Active Directory.String
EquipmentIndicates whether the mailbox in the service should be created as an equipment resource mailbox. This property cannot be set to True when Room property is also set to True.
Default is True, when selected.
True, False
First NameSpecifies the first name of the new user.String
Immutable IDThis property is used by GAL Synchronization (GALSync). It specifies a unique and immutable identifier in the form of an SMTP address for an Exchange mailbox that is used for federated delegation when requesting Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) tokens.
If federation is configured for this mailbox and this property is not configured when creating the mailbox, Exchange will create the value for the immutable identifier based upon the mailbox's ExchangeGUID and the federated account namespace. For example:
The Immutable ID property must be configured if Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is deployed to allow single sign-on into an off-premises mailbox and AD FS is configured to use a different attribute than ExchangeGUID for sign-on token requests. Exchange and AD FS must both request the same token for the same user to ensure proper functionality for a cross-premise Exchange deployment scenario.
InitialsThe initials of the user that you create.String
Last NameThe last name of the user that you create.String
Moderated ByThis property identifies the users who are responsible for moderating the messages sent to this mail user and its associated mailbox in the service. To designate more than one moderating user, separate the users with commas.
This property is required when the Moderation Enabled property is True. If this property is not configured and a user is already specified as the manager of this mail user, the Moderated By property is automatically set by use of the Managed By property of the mail user. Otherwise, an error is returned.
Moderation EnabledSpecifies whether to enable moderation for the mail user.
Default is True, when selected.
True, False
On-Premises Organizational UnitSpecifies the organizational unit (OU) in the on-premises organization in which the new mailbox is added. This property has no effect on the mailbox in the service.String
PasswordSpecifies the password used by the mail user to secure his or her account and the associated mailbox in the service.String
Password ConfirmThis property is used to confirm the password.String
Primary SMTP AddressSpecifies the primary SMTP address for the mail user. By default, the primary SMTP address is generated based on the default email address policy. If you specify a primary SMTP address by using this property, the command sets the EmailAddressPolicyEnabled attribute of the mail user to False, and the email addresses of this mail user will not be automatically updated per email address policies.String
Remote Power Shell EnabledSpecifies whether the new mailbox user can use Remote PowerShell. Remote PowerShell is required to open the Exchange Management Shell or the Exchange Management Console on Mailbox, Hub Transport, Unified Messaging, and Client Access servers. Access to Remote PowerShell is required even to open the Shell or the console on the local server.
Default is True, when selected.
True, False
Remote Routing AddressSpecifies the SMTP address of the user's associated mailbox in the service.
If you have configured mail flow between the on-premises organization and the service, you do not need to specify this property. The remote routing address is calculated automatically.
Reset Password On Next LogonSpecifies whether the password in the Password property must be reset the next time the user logs on.
Default is True, when selected.
True, False
RoomIndicates whether the mailbox in the service should be created as a room resource mailbox.
This property cannot be set to True when the Equipment property is also set to True.
Default is True, when selected.
True, False
SAM Account NameThis is the logon name for clients and servers running older versions of the operating system. This attribute must contain fewer than 20 characters. An account name can contain letters, numbers, and the following punctuation marks and symbols:
! # $ % ^ & - . _ { }
Send Moderation NotificationsSpecifies how status notifications are sent to users when someone sends a message to the moderated distribution group.
Set this property to Always if you want notifications to be sent to all senders.
Set this property to Internal if you want notifications to be sent only to the senders who are internal to your organization.
Set this property to Never to disable all status notifications.
The default value is blank.
The sender is always notified if the message is rejected by the moderators, regardless of the value of this property.

Published data for Create Remote Mailbox (Hybrid)

ElementDescriptionValid Values
Accept Messages Only FromSpecifies mailbox users and mail-enabled contacts that can send email messages to this distribution group.String
Accept Messages Only From DL MembersSpecifies distribution lists that are allowed to send email messages to this mailbox.String
Accept Messages Only From Senders Or MembersSpecifies senders or members that are allowed to send email messages to this distribution group.String
Address List MembershipSpecifies address lists of which this mailbox is a member.String
AliasMail nickname of the user.String
Arbitration MailboxSpecifies the mailbox that is used to manage the moderation process.String
Archive DatabaseArchive mailbox database.
Archive GUIDArchive mailbox identifier.String
Archive NameArchive mailbox name.String
Archive QuotaArchive mailbox Quota parameter.String
Archive StatusIndicates archive status (Active or None).String
Archive Warning QuotaMailbox size at which a size quota warning message is sent.String
Bypass Moderation From Senders Or MembersLists Senders or Members whose messages are not subject to approval.String
Calendar Version Store DisabledIndicates whether changes to calendar items are logged.String
Custom Attribute 1Custom attribute 1.String
Custom Attribute 10Custom attribute 10.String
Custom Attribute 11Custom attribute 11.String
Custom Attribute 12Custom attribute 12.String
Custom Attribute 13Custom attribute 13.String
Custom Attribute 14Custom attribute 14.String
Custom Attribute 15Custom attribute 15.String
Custom Attribute 2Custom attribute 2.String
Custom Attribute 3Custom attribute 3.String
Custom Attribute 4Custom attribute 4.String
Custom Attribute 5Custom attribute 5.String
Custom Attribute 6Custom attribute 6.String
Custom Attribute 7Custom attribute 7.String
Custom Attribute 8Custom attribute 8.String
Custom Attribute 9Custom attribute 9.String
Deliver to Mailbox And ForwardThe forwarding address of the mailbox.String
Disabled Archive DatabaseThe identity of the disabled archive database.String
Disabled Archive GUIDGUID of the disabled archive.String
Display NameContent of the Simple Display Name field.String
Distinguished NameExchange's legacy distinguished name.String
Email Address Policy EnabledIndicates whether the use of Address Policies is enabled.String
Email AddressesCollection of email addresses for the mailbox.String
End Date For Retention HoldEnd date of the Retention Hold period.String
Exchange EnvironmentIndicates the type of Exchange environment where this activity will be executed. The default for this property is On-Premises.String
Exchange GUIDGlobally unique identifier of the Microsoft Exchange installation.String
Exchange PowerShell ApplicationSpecifies the application name segment of the connection URI.String
Exchange Server HostThe connected host Exchange server.String
Exchange Server PortThe connected port on the Exchange server.String
Exchange User Account ControlThis property is a mask that can be used to retrieve the user account control flags associated with this mailbox. This can be one of the following values:
Exchange User NameUsername used to log on to Exchange server.String
Exchange VersionVersion of the Exchange server.String
Extension Custom Attribute 1Extension Custom Attribute 1.String
Extension Custom Attribute 2Extension Custom Attribute 2.String
Extension Custom Attribute 3Extension Custom Attribute 3.String
Extension Custom Attribute 4Extension Custom Attribute 4.String
Extension Custom Attribute 5Extension Custom Attribute 5.String
ExtensionsExtension List.String
External Directory Object IdThe ID of the mailbox in the external directory.String
Forwarding AddressThe Forwarding Address that is defined for the mailbox.String
GUIDMailbox GUID.String
Grant Send On Behalf ToA list of users who are allowed to send messages on the owners behalf.String
Has PictureIndicates whether a picture is associated with the mailbox.String
Has Spoken NameIndicates whether a spoken name is associated with the mailbox.String
Hidden From Address Lists EnabledIndicates whether mailbox information is hidden from address book.String
IdentityMailbox identity.String
Immutable IDIdentifier for the mailbox that will never change.String
Is ValidIndicates whether the object is configured correctly.String
Last Exchange Changed TimeLast Exchange changed time.Datetime
Legacy Exchange DNLegacy Exchange DN.String
Litigation Hold DateDate and time when litigation hold was enabled.Datetime
Litigation Hold EnabledIndicates whether the mailbox is under a litigation hold.String
Litigation Hold OwnerUser who enabled the litigation hold.String
Mail TipMail tip.String
Mail Tip TranslationsMail tip translation list.String
Mailbox Move Batch NameName of the move batch that contains this mailbox.String
Mailbox Move FlagsFlags for a mailbox move.
This can be one of the following values:
Mailbox Move Remote Host NameName of the remote host that is participating in the move.String
Mailbox Move Source MDBActive Directory identifier of the source database.String
Mailbox Move StatusIndicates the status of a mailbox move. This can be one of the following values:
Mailbox Move Target MDBActive Directory identifier of the database to which the mailbox is being copied.String
Max Receive SizeReceived message size limit.String
Max Send SizeSent message size limit.String
Moderated ByList of users responsible for moderating this mailbox.String
Moderation EnabledIndicates whether moderation is enabled for this mailbox.String
NameName associated with this object.String
Object CategoryActive Directory object category for this mailbox.String
Object ClassList of Active Directory object classes which apply to this mailbox.String
On-Premises Organizational UnitOrganizational unit for this mailbox.String
Organization IDOrganization for this mailbox.String
Originating ServerOriginating server.String
Partner Object IDGUID for partner object.String
Persisted CapabilitiesPersisted capability list.String
Policies ExcludedList of policies excluded.String
Policies IncludedList of policies included.String
Primary SMTP AddressPrimary SMTP address for the mailbox.String
Protocol SettingsProtocol settings used by the mailbox.String
Recipient LimitsMaximum number of recipients per message that this mailbox can send to.String
Recipient TypeRecipient type.String
Recipient Type DetailsRecipient type details.String
Reject Messages FromRejected sender IDs list.String
Reject Messages From DL MembersRejected DL sender IDs list.String
Reject Messages From Senders Or MembersRejected sender IDs list.String
Remote Recipient TypeRemote recipient type.String
Remote Routing AddressSpecifies the SMTP address of the mailbox in the service that's associated with this mail-enabled user.String
Require Sender Authentication EnabledIndicates whether sender authentication is required.String
Retain Deleted Items ForLength of time to keep deleted items.String
Retention CommentComment displayed regarding the user's retention hold status.String
Retention Hold EnabledIndicates whether the contents of the mailbox are subject to retention.String
Retention URLRetention policy that is applied to the mailbox.String
SAM Account NameURL for a Web page with details about the organization's message retention policies.String
Send Moderation NotificationsModeration notifications for this mailbox.String
Simple Display NameSimple display name.String
Single Item Recovery EnabledIndicates whether the Recovery Items folder can be purged.String
Skip CA CheckIndicates whether the client validates that the server certificate is signed by a trusted certification authority (CA) to connect over Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer.String
Skip CN CheckIndicates whether the client skips validation of whether the certificate common name (CN) of the server matches the hostname of the server.String
Skip Revocation Checkindicates whether the connection skips validation of the server certificate's revocation status.String
Start Date For Retention HoldDate and time to begin a retention hold on messages in this mailbox.Datetime
Use SSLIndicates whether SSL encryption is used.String
User Principal NamePrincipal name for the mailbox user.String
When ChangedDate and time when the mailbox was changed.Datetime
When Changed UTCUTC date and time when the mailbox was changed.Datetime
When CreatedDate and time when the mailbox was created.Datetime
When Created UTCUTC date and time when the mailbox was createdDatetime
When Mailbox CreatedDate and time when the mailbox was createdDatetime
Windows Email AddressEmail address.String

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