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Create User Role

CFreemanwa|Last Updated: 1/17/2017
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Applies To: System Center 2016 - Orchestrator

This activity creates a user role within a designated cloud.

Create User Role Activity Required Properties

ElementDescriptionValid Values
User Role NameThe name of the user roles to be createdAlphanumeric text
Profile TypeThe profile for this user roleDelegated Admin, Read-Only Admin, Self Service User

Create User Role Activity Optional Properties

ElementDescriptionValid Values
DescriptionA text description for the user role to be createdAlphanumeric text

Create User Role Activity Published Data

ElementDescriptionValid Values
User Role IDThe ID of the user role
User Role NameThe name of the user roleAlphanumeric text
Profile TypeThe profile type of the user role
Host Group Names in Scope
Cloud Names in Scope
Run as Account Names
Actions PermittedList of actions permitted
Member NamesMembers of the user role
DescriptionText description of the user role
User Role Data PathThe data path
Library Server Names
VM Template Resource Names
Service Template Resource Names
Service Instance Resource Names
VM Instance Resource Names
Hardware Profile Resource Names
Application Profile Resource Names
Guest OS Profile Resource Names
SQL Profile Resource Names
Service Configuration Resource Names
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