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Delete Folder

CFreemanwa|Last Updated: 1/17/2017
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Applies To: System Center 2016 - Orchestrator

The Delete Folder activity is used in a runbook to delete a folder on a FTP server.

This activity publishes all of the data from the required properties into published data.

The following tables list the required properties and published data for this activity.

Delete Folder Required Properties

ElementDescriptionValid Values
Folder PathThe relative or absolute path of the folder to delete. Absolute paths can be used provided the FTP server supports this feature. The asterisk (*) and question mark (?) are not supported.String

Deleted Folder Published Data

ElementDescriptionValid Values
Folder PathThe path of the folder to delete.String
Item PathThe file or folder path of each item deleted inside the folder.String
CountThe number of items deleted.Integer
Certificate Path (FTP)The file path for the certificate.String
Connection TypeThe FTP connection type used to connect to the FTP server.Normal
HTTP Proxy Port (FTP)The port used to connect to the HTTP proxy server.Integer
HTTP Proxy Server (FTP)The IP address or computer name of the HTTP proxy server.String
HTTP Proxy Username (FTP)The user name used to connect to the HTTP proxy server.String
LogDetailed FTP log.String
PortThe port used to connect to the FTP server.Integer
ServerThe IP address or computer name of the FTP server.String
TimeoutThe time to wait before a FTP operation times out.Integer
Transfer Type (FTP)The transfer type used by FTP.Passive,
UsernameThe user name used to connect to the FTP server.String

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