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Send E-Mail

CFreemanwa|Last Updated: 1/17/2017
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Applies To: System Center 2016 - Orchestrator

The Send E-Mail activity is used in a runbook to send e-mail messages.

This activity publishes all of the data from the required and optional properties into published data.

The following tables list the required and optional properties and published data for this activity.

Send E-Mail Required Properties

ElementDescriptionValid values
IDThe ID of the email message to be sentString

Send E-Mail Published Data

ElementDescriptionValid values
DomainDomain the Exchange server belongs toString
Exchange Server AddressAddress of the Exchange serverString
IDID of the email message to be sentString
Timeout (seconds)Connection timeoutNumbers
Use AutodiscoverWhether or not the Autodiscover service is being usedBoolean
User NameUsername to use to connect to the Exchange serverString

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