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Update Entry

CFreemanwa|Last Updated: 1/18/2017
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Applies To: System Center 2016 - Orchestrator

The Update Entry activity is used in a runbook to modify existing entries in HP Service Manager.

The following tables list the required properties and published data for this activity. For more information on configuring activities, see HP Service Manager Activities.

Update Entry Required Properties

ElementDescriptionValid ValuesLook up
TypeThe type of entry to be updatedChange, Incident, ServiceDesk, ConfigurationYes
SubtypeThe Subtype of the entry to be updated based on the Type selected.This is a dynamic property based on the configuration of the HP Service Manager server.Yes
FieldsA list of field values to be applied to the entry when it is updated.This list is dynamically populated with the required fields for the selected Type and Subtype as configured on the HP Service Manager server.A lookup will be provided for any applicable dynamic property.

Other Activities

The Integration Pack for HP Service Manager contains the following additional activities:

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