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SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update

To support the relationship between Microsoft and Dell, the SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update allows you to determine compliance and deploy the necessary updates for Dell BIOS, firmware, and drivers using the same process utilized to deploy security updates with SMS 2003.

The SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update includes:

  • Scan tool for Dell update. Enables you to scan your Dell servers for installed and missing updates similarly to how MBSA determines compliance for Microsoft security updates.
  • Sync tool for Dell update. Downloads the Dell Update Catalog on a recurring schedule.

  • Updated Distribute Software Update Wizard

Note: The SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update is required for the October 2005 and later versions of the Dell catalog and includes support for x64 clients.

For best practices on updating Dell servers, download the Software Updates for Dell Server Hardware Using SMS 2003 solution accelerator, which aligns with Microsoft's existing four-step software update management process.

The Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update uses both the HTTP protocol and the FTP protocol to transfer data from Microsoft and from Dell to an SMS site server or another computer that is designated as the synchronization host. A supported method is now available to modify the Inventory Tool for Dell Update with HTTP-only file transfers. For more information, see How to direct all traffic from the SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update to a Dell-hosted HTTP site.

SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update
ContentThe download package (SMSITDU_ENU.exe) contains setup (SMSITDU.MSI), hotfixes, release notes (SMSITDURelNotes.htm), and an administrator's guide (SMSITDU.doc). The administrator's guide includes step-by-step instructions for setup. This tool requires components from Partner Development Kit (PDK) published by Dell, Inc. as documented in the the SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update release notes. The Setup process should obtain these components from Dell's Web site automatically during installation; however, if the computer running the setup does not have internet connectivity, please see the Obtaining Required Components for SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update page for instructions on downloading these components manually.

Simple setup process deeply integrates software update management of Dell servers with the existing SMS 2003 software update management feature. This means you can now leverage a single tool and process to manage Dell servers that you use to manage updates to the operating system and applications.

Regular scanning of all Dell servers to identify installed and required updates for BIOS, firmware, and drivers.

Supports Dell system updates so you can bring your Dell servers to a Dell defined and tested baseline.

Rich set of reports to help you monitor software update compliance and distribution status.

Automated task obtains the latest PDK components and catalog of updates from Dell (no information is sent to Dell or Microsoft; only specific files documented in the release notes are downloaded).


System requirements
ItemSupported versions
SMS serverSMS 2003 SP1 and later
SMS clientSMS 2003 SP1 Advanced Client and later
Managed computer's operating system
  • Windows 2000 Server SP3 and later
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP3 and later
  • Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition and later
  • Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and later
Language support

This tool is available in English only.

It can be installed on the following language SMS site servers: Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, and Japanese.

The tool can be used to scan and update Dell servers running the following language operating systems: Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Dell HW platformsFor list of server platforms and specific models supported, open the Dell release notes.



Systems Management Server 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update will be supported by Microsoft in accordance with the support policies for Systems Management Server 2003. This tool uses certain components that are identified as being downloaded from Dell, Inc. during setup of the tool. Support for all such components shall be governed by the support policies of Dell, Inc.

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