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Systems Management Server 2003 Toolkit 2

Updated: November 16, 2004

SMS 2003 Toolkit 2 contains 22 downloadable tools to help you deploy and troubleshoot SMS 2003. The tables below provides more information about each tool in the toolkit.

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Server ToolsServer Tools
Advanced Client toolsAdvanced Client tools
Legacy Client toolsLegacy Client tools
Common toolsCommon tools


SMS 2003 Toolkit 2
SMS2003Toolkit2.exeSMS2003Toolkit2.exe 5.86 MB

Server Tools

Management Point TroubleshooterVerifies prerequisites for servers that are management point candidates prior to installation. Also can be used to troubleshoot issues with an existing management point.
Management Point SpyVerifies that a management point is functional and returning policies.
Policy VerifierTroubleshoots advertisements targeting problems and connectivity problems on SMS SQL servers and SMS management points.
Patch Management EvaluationSimulates many behaviors that various software updates exhibit during deployment, including detection, deployment, and installation. The tool also helps you determine how long an update might take to install.
Package Loader ToolUsed to load a package onto a site manually. This prevents a central site from sending a package to a child site by a sender. The tool is useful for organizations that must add a large number of packages to distribution points on primary or secondary sites that are connected by slow network links.
Site Boundary ToolImports and exports site boundaries from SMS. The tool can be used to import local, roaming, and remote roaming boundaries. It can also be used to import IP subnets, Active Directory sites, and IP ranges.
Client Site Assignment ToolTroubleshoots by verifying that clients have been assigned to a site, which is one the first steps you take when troubleshooting SMS client problems.
Security TemplatesA set of group policy-based security templates for SMS 2003.
IIS Lockdown 2.1 TemplateHelps secure Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0 running on Windows 2000 servers that host SMS site systems, including distribution points, management points, reporting points, and server locator points.
URLScan 2.5 TemplateHelps secure IIS 6.0 running on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 platforms that host SMS site systems, including distribution points, management points, reporting points, and server locator points.
Delete Group ClassRemoves the tables and schema information for an SMS inventory group or prevents the collection of history for an inventory group.
Transfer SMS IDTransfers SMS client ID (GUID) from one computer image to another. You can use this tool to help support asset management and to avoid data loss during re-imaging.
Create Address ToolCreates site addresses from the command line on an SMS site server.
Create Secondary Site ToolCreates a secondary site from the command line.

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Advanced Client tools

Policy Spy ToolAn Advanced Client policy viewer that is required to troubleshoot an Advanced Client\'s policy.
Advanced Client Spy ToolTroubleshoots Advanced Client problems and is used for troubleshooting Advanced Client software distribution problems. It also reports inventory and software metering data.
Advanced Client and Management Point CleanerRemoves Advanced Clients and management points.
Send Schedule ToolTriggers schedules on Advanced Clients.
Delete Certificate ToolDeletes certificates in the SMS logical store. Certificate removal is helpful when you want to capture, and later deploy, system images.

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Legacy Client tools

Set Preferred Distribution Point and CAP

Configures a Legacy Client to use a specific client access point or distribution point to prevent it from randomly choosing one from its SMS site system list. This tool does not affect the Advanced Client.

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Common tools

SMS TraceA Log viewer that provides a way to easily view and monitor all SMS logging activity.
Sample SMS 2003 Active Directory Schema Extension fileA sample .ldf file that describes changes made to the Active Directory schema by SMS.

SMS 2003 Toolkit 2 Support Disclaimer

The SMS 2003 Toolkit 2 described on this page is not supported under any Microsoft standard support program or service.

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