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Service Pack Support Tools

Systems Management Server 2.0

Published: May 7, 2003 | Updated : September 9, 2003

Service Pack Support ToolsSystems Management Server 2.0Service Pack Support Tools2003-05-07

Download these updated support tools to help you diagnose and monitor system operations. These tools will also extend functionality you can, for example, use them to control the automatic client upgrade feature to throttle network usage while deploying Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later. These tools were refreshed with Service Pack 5 (SP5) and work for all previous service packs; they will also work with SP5 security enhancements and replace previous versions of the tools.

Tools included in this download:

  • Site maintenance and administration tools

  • Client maintenance tools

  • Database maintenance tools

  • Log file, schedule file, and error code tools

  • Discovery and inventory tools

  • Software distribution tools

  • Remote control tools

Note: Only English-language versions of these tools are available.

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