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Next Version of ISA - TAP RDP - Program Manager Yossi Siles


About This Video
Yossi Siles made a visit from Microsoft in Israel back to the Redmond campus and I was able to get an interview with him in my office. Ever wonder how the TAP, RDP, and customer programs really work? Why Microsoft doesn't allow more people into these things? In this interview, we de-mystify the customer programs for early adopters and also talk a little bit about some of the certification programs ISA puts itself through. The ISA team is apparently still looking for people for a short period of time, so watch the interview and learn more. When he talks about "our program", this would be the IT Pro Momentum program - also to help customers adopt technology early. Would you like to be an early adopter of the next wave of ISA / Forefront Edge technologies? Comment on this post.


Published Date: 12/10/2007
Presented By: David Tesar



Video: WMV