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Backup and High Availability in SQL Server 2008


About This Video
I've previously blogged about my own discovery of Windows Home Server - how I initially disregarded it as a 'toy' server until I saw a demo that highlighted how slick some of the features in this product really are.  Things like automatic nightly backups of all the machines on your home lan, remote access to files and machines, and the innovative Drive Extender technology.
I went right to the source, GM Charlie Kindel, and asked him to talk about what's in Home Server for IT Pros.  In what appears to be a recurring theme on Edge, Charlie runs 5 servers at home already, but had no problem integrating Home Server and its functionality.  He talks about these two guys, Jeff and Oliver, that don't really exist, but that his team had in mind when they developed the product.  We talked about the current Home Server hardware offerings available and chatted a little about the pros and cons of buying a Home Server off the shelf or building your own. 
For more information, check out, and the Home Server blog.  Charlie also asked me to tell you that their team is growing.  If Home Server looks cool to you, and something you'd like to be part of, they're hiring
(I failed to come away from Charlie's office with a copy "Mommy, Why is there a Server in the House?", as seen in the Iain McDonald interview.  Maybe next time.)


Published Date: 3/12/2008
Presented By: Joey Snow



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