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Installing MOSS 2007 on Windows Server 2008


About This Video

The other day I was building some new demo servers to showcase search capabilities with Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS).  During the process I decided to install MOSS on my brand new RTM copy of Windows 2008 Enterprise server.  I had to, it was so new and shiny!  :-) 

As some of you may know, I was headed down a one way street to a Program Compatibility Assistant error.  So imagine my surprise when the error box on the right showed up.  This product has compatibility issues, say what? 

So I did a  live search and found some excellent blogs from  Ben Curry and  Martin Kearn (BTW Martin I love Guinness too!).   They had ran into the same issue on RC1 as I did and both provided great step-by-step instructions to solve the error, I provided their links are at the bottom of this post.  In a nut shell, Windows Server 2008 is compatible with service pack 1 of both MOSS and WSS.  So all you need to do is slipstream the SP1 bits into the MOSS setup files to avoid the error.

So why this post, well I wanted to show how straight forward this process is.  So I created a quick screencast,which is about 8 minutes long.  During the screencast,  I show installation of the pre-requisites roles (IIS and .NET) for Windows Server 2008, and the error that is created prior to slipstreaming the files for the MOSS install.  I then demonstrate how to extract and slipstream the MOSS and WSS SP1 files into the MOSS installation files.  With the grand finale of kicking off the installation.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Published Date: April 25, 2008
Presented By: Matt Hester



Video: WMV | MP4