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UGTV – It’s class not Glass!


About This Video

User Group Television (UGTV pronounced YOU GEE TEE VEE) is a monthly video show dedicated to bringing informative programming to User Groups while providing Microsoft the ability to introduce up and coming information to user group communities as well as highlight our engagement with them.

Today's show includes your favorite anchors (get to know them, love them), interviews with UG leaders, a recap of April’s MVP Summit and an interview with  Culminis. (Culminisis an international not-for-profit organization devoted to the development and growth of the IT community). And…the pièce de resistance – introducing a new segment coming to UGTV.

UGTV is hosted by Michelle Fleming Toure and Alan le Marquand.

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Published Date: June 18, 2008
Presented By: Michelle Fleming Toure



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