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Using Powershell to managed Hyper-V


About This Video

Today wraps up our Hyper-V launch coverage with this interview I did at TechEd with John Kelbley and Alex Lash.   These guys show us a heap of great tricks for managing your Hyper-V machines using Powershell, and introduce us to a bunch of shortcuts that allow even a non-coder to put together some impressive scripts.  In fact, all the demos they do in this interview they put together in about 15 minutes before we started recording.
Here's a roundup of some of the resources they reference:
James O'Neill's blog
Power Gadgets
Powershell scriptomatic

p.s.  If you are attending TechEd and happen to run in to John, ask him about the party list.  Then prepare for some late nights out. 


Published Date: July 02, 2008
Presented By: Adam Bomb



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